Our Approach

At Houston Wealth Managment our collaborative approach includes four basic steps that are further customized to the circumstances, goals, assets and objectives of each client.  Financial planning services, investment management services as well as their combination into True Wealth Management will follow the same basic process: Understand, Develop, Implement and Assess.

  • Define & Clarify

    The initial discovery includes gaining a deep understanding of the client's goals and objectives, values and beliefs, risk tolerance and capacity and as much other financial and non-financial information as possible.


  • Analyze & Build

    Through analysis of goals and the client's situation we can evaluate risks and opportunities and develop a financial and/or investment plan to maximize the potential of reaching those goals.

  • Design & Select

    Through the design, allocation and selection of a portfolio of investments and opportunities, we then lay the groundwork and infrastructure to align and enhance the plan's likelihood of success.

  • Review & Adjust

    Through ongoing and period reviews and evaluations of both the plan and portfolio, we can determine if we are on track, need to make modifications, or even reevaluate our assumptions.