Why Choose Us?

We Offer Our Clients True Wealth Managament

Houston Wealth Management is committed to delivering the integrated fee-only financial planning and asset management services required for true wealth management. This integration is required to help navigate clients through life's transitions and achieve their goals and objectives. True wealth management requires both a long term view and short term focus to deliver long-lasting results.    

We Are Truly Committed To Our Clients' Success

Houston Wealth Management works for our clients alone, and places our clients' interests first and foremost. Our firm's core services are delivered in a fee-only method that places our advisors and firm on the "same side of the table" as our client. Our firm receives no compensation from any of our professional partnerships. We embrace our fiduciary role to our clients.

We Are Independent and Transparent

Most sources for financial advice and investment products are just sales organizations that are littered with conflicts of interest and most importantly, do not (and honestly cannot) have the focus or motivation to understand their client's goals, objectives, circumstances and concerns. Other firms hide behind the idea that "fee-only" equals "fiduciary" and neglect financial planning or evaluating insurance needs.  Any of these firms can leave clients with unmet needs and at risk of financial turmoil.

Our firm's advice is truly independent.  With client input, we determine who we are and how we operate.  We completely embrace our fiduciary responsibility to place the client's interests above all others and let the financial planning process guide our advice. We will be honest and continually disclose any conflicts to our clients, while acting with the transparency that clients expect and deserve.